Two-Book Ultra-Narrow-Row Corn

Two-Book Ultra-Narrow-Row Corn

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Learn the complete story about one of the next big breakthroughs in corn production! This 48-page book delivers the complete story on the yield-boosting, pocketbook-building benefits of narrowing your corn planting to 24-, 22-, 20-, 18-, 15- and even 7 1/2-inch drilled corn rows.

Ultra-Narrow-Row Corn: Squeezing The Most Out Of Your Crop features valuable insights and practical ideas from growers already making it happen and from researches taking a close look at its potential. Get precise information on critical planter adjustments, corn head modifications, weed control, plant populations, moisture conservation, fertilization, plant health, yield studies and much more.

Picking up where that book leaves off, Narrower Yet! New Developments in Ultra-Narrow-Row Corn updates you on corn yield research results and features valuable photos of equipment and modifications. The book addresses how yields measure up, the profit potential of narrower corn rows, benefits, concerns, pros and cons of various row widths, twin rows and economics. Full chapters are devoted to narrow tractor tires, weed control, corn head modifications, crucial planter design changes, drilling corn in 7 1/2-inch rows and more.

You'll definitely need both books to get the latest update on this revolutionary new concept!

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