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Soil Health - So What's The Big Deal? - Jill Clapperton - NSTC 2014 Presentation - MP3 Download


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Perhaps all you see is dirt, but Jill Clapperton says there is so much more to soil than the stuff that helps anchor your crop to the ground. The principal scientist at Rhizoterra Inc. believes that you ought to pay maximum attention to what goes into making your soil healthy due to the number of critters that live in the soil and that have an impact on the health and yield of your crop.

Clapperton will provide you with an understanding of what lives in the soil, what they do that has a direct impact on your farm, the services your soil provides and how we can encourage healthy, productive soils. She will also share soil- and crop-management strategies that have demonstrated positive effects on soil health.

(Total Run Time: 1 Hour 26 Minutes; File Size: 79.1 Megabytes)

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