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Assist Annual Ryegrass From Saddle Butte Ag

Bio Till is a division of Saddle Butte Ag Inc., a seed company in Oregon. We are excited to announce our newest variety of annual ryegrass, “Assist.” Assist has been bred and selected for early root development and winter hardiness. Assist joins Bounty Annual Ryegrass as being an exclusive variety of Saddle Butte Ag Inc. Bio Till also markets a complete list of cover-crop seed. For more information on what cover crop will work best for you, we encourage you to contact us and visit with our sales team.

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GS3 Quality Seed — First Choice For Cover Crops

GS3 Quality Seed and our premium dealers should be your first choice for cover-crop products that provide you with the value and performance you need. Our proven NitroRadish will benefit your soils with its ability to break up hardpans, increase organic matter, scavenge nutrients and improve yields. Our “TNT” Vetch variety has been selected for winter hardiness and its ability to produce large amounts of nitrogen. Availability is limited, so check our website for a dealer near you.

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Byron Seeds

Byron Seeds is a farmer owned and farmer operated premium forage seed distribution company based in Rockville, Ind. Byron Seeds' main focus is educating farmers with livestock or row crops on sustainable farming practices, while increasing soil health with cropping rotations and the use of cover crops. We have vast experience with cover crops on our own farms. Byron Seeds has a dealer network throughout the Midwest with the experience, support and service to accommodate any size producer with cover crops.

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KB Seed Solutions Royal Annual Ryegrass

If you are considering planting a cover crop, consider KB Seed Solutions annual ryegrass. KB Royal annual ryegrass will improve the health and nutrient value of your soil. Deep-rooting ryegrass scavenges and holds nitrogen for future crops, which means bigger profits. Even during dry seasons, KB Royal promotes larger yields due to deep rooting that creates channels for crop roots to easily follow. KB Seed Solutions does more than provide you with seed. Our leadership and knowledge will help you integrate cover crops into your operation.

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Tillage Radish® Products From Cover Crop Solutions

Tillage Radish®, voted Product of the Year by No-Till Farmer readers 2 years in a row, is proven to increase yields and improve soil health, demonstrated by multiyear field studies and university research. Certified seed ensures consistent, superior genetic purity in every bag, and the 30-inch-plus singular taproot breaks up compaction, captures and releases nutrients, and enhances moisture absorption. Ask about high-performance TillageMax™ cover-crop mixes with Tillage Radish® inside — it’s biodiversity in a bag!

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Soil First™ Select Mix From La Crosse Seed

The Soil First™ Select Mix lineup from La Crosse Seed represents a concentrated approach to cover-crop needs in the Midwest. The portfolio includes proprietary mixes that offer distinct attributes for both the first-time user or experienced adopter. 101 Cover Starter and 102 Cover Starter+ were formulated for basic cover cropping in the Corn Belt. 125 N-Hancer and 140 Multi-Purpose were created to meet several goals, namely nitrogen fixing in front of corn and potential forage utilization. The Soil First™ portfolio also includes a proprietary lineup of grasses, legumes and brassicas that are proven to deliver results.

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Lynx Winter Pea From Smith Seed Services

Lynx Winter Pea is an exciting new multi-purpose winter field pea with better cold tolerance, excellent palatability and improved disease resistance. Lynx Winter Pea is a clear-coated, smooth green pea that produces white flowers. These characteristics are particularly significant for attracting wildlife. Clear-coated, white-flower pea plants have been shown to be more palatable than purple-flowering pea plants because they are tannin-free, making the plants sugar-sweet, not bitter. Lynx Winter Pea is a semi-leafless variety with short internodes. For the cover-crop market, it offers improved winter hardiness, meaning longer production of roots, nodulation and high nitrogen.

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Desert Sun Lunch Radish

Lunch Radish is a newly released blue-tag certified variety that was bred specifically for soil health and forage quality. It has a high nutrient load and produces higher-quality forage, along with a superior deep taproot for tillage. “Lunch” has been bred to produce large amounts of highly palatable forage/biomass. This radish also has the combination of a deep-penetrating taproot for loosening your subsoils and more effective, consistent mining for nutrients. Lunch Radish is exclusively licensed to Desert Sun Marketing through its Soil PhD Cover Crop product line.

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Kauffman Seeds

Here at Kauffman Seeds, we strive to focus on the individual customer’s needs. We tailor mixes to meet their goals, as well as strive to maintain flexibility for their production system. Throughout the last few dry years, it has been very apparent that blends, even just for forage production goals, have been a very good investment. Many times, we have observed fields of monocultures stressing when fields of mixed species have handled the stress well. The soil-health attributes of planting multispecies mixes are also another key benefit. Benefits of mixes have been observed with four or more species.

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Cisco Seeds N-Vest® Crimson Cover-All Mix

N-Vest® Crimson Cover-All Mix consists of crimson clover and Groundhog cover-crop radishes. This mix produces and scavenges nitrogen.

Benefits of Crimson Cover-All Mix:

  • Produced Nitrogen
  • Scavenges nitrogen — Crimson clover produces a very fibrous root structure that increases organic matter in the top 10 inches of soil and nodulates to produce free nitrogen. Tests show Groundhog cover-crop radishes have scavenged as much as 130 pounds of nitrogen per acre (tops and tubers combined — with manure applied).

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Pure-Formance From Mountain View Seeds

Nitro Radish is fast-growing with the ability to recycle excess soil nutrients. It easily decomposes, leaving soil rich in nutrients and increase soil organic-matter levels.

Centurion Annual Ryegrass is a diploid with excellent winter hardiness. This high-forage yielder contains improved disease resistance.

Aerifi Radish is certified and bred for uniform growth, delayed maturity and fast establishment with a large tap root. Aerifi excels at scavenging lost nutrients deep in the soil. Decomposition releases nutrients back into the topsoil for the next crop.

Vivant Brassica is a quick-growing, leafy brassica with minimal bulb development best suited for multiple grazings. Selected for late bolting and vigorous regrowth after grazing, Vivant holds high feed quality and excellent digestibility.

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Hood River Seed

Harvestar orchardgrass is a late-maturing, high-yielding hay producer in mixtures/pure stand and excels under grazing.

Hymark tall fescue is a medium-maturity, low endophyte with excellent yield/persistence under grazing.

Full Throttle perennial ryegrass is an early- to medium-maturing diploid with fine leaves and a low dense crown. Its good summer production is well suited for hay and grazing.

Dyna-Gain annual ryegrass, a diploid, produces high yields, as well as persistence under drought conditions. Its strong root structure improves soil tilth, recovery of lost nutrients and stabilizes the soil.

AMP annual ryegrassis an early-maturing tetraploid with excellent yield and increased sugar content. Its well suited for grazing and harvested forage where quality is a must.

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Center Seeds

Center Seeds, the cover-crop specialist, is a growing nationwide distributor of cover-crops seeds and mixes that supports dealers and farmers in 20 states. Our education-first philosophy and singular focus on cover crops around the calendar allow us to stay on top of growing trends and research to better support your sustainable rotations. We aim to make our customers more than just growers, but skilled practitioners of cover crops. Call us today at (855) 667-3943 to talk about your cover-crop needs and connect with our local dealer. Ask us about custom blending!

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Green Cover Seed With SMARTmix™

At Green Cover Seed, we believe in the importance of soil health and we advocate for diverse rotations, minimum soil disturbance, maximum ground cover and living roots. To help you achieve better soil health, we carry over 70 species of cover crops and we have the experience and knowledge needed to best use them in diverse mixes to meet your specific needs. Our SMARTmix™ Calculator allows you to design your own mix and SMARTmix™ will make recommendations based on your location, planting date, goals and next cash crop, while giving an exact cost for your mix, as well as other ratings.

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Legacy Seeds EarthBuilder™ Cover Crops

Legacy Seeds’ EarthBuilder™ cover-crop program focuses on species and mixes that fit the needs of Upper Midwestern producers. Our EarthBuilder™ mixes have been researched at university, NRCS, SCS and onfarm sites and have proven to be very successful in building soil health. They are also proving to work exceptionally well in our producers’ fields! EarthBuilder™ Cover Crops feature PileDriver™ Radish, a late-maturing true variety that works well in all geographic regions, along with other unique varieties to build Northern soils. Contact Legacy Seeds for more information today!

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