Doug Miller

Sponsored by:
Midwest Biotech

This webinar took place live on Thursday, January 23, 2014.

One of the guiding principles to high-yield crop production is the idea of getting seedlings to emerge uniformly. While there are many different factors critical to accomplishing this goal, this webinar focuses on the impact that biological seed treatments can play on improving plant emergence, vigor and standability.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• The biology of seed germination, plant emergence and root development
• The role of soil microbes and what impacts their ability to do their job
• Review of the different types of biological seed treatments, including fungicides, inoculants and enzymes
• Comparison of the expected yield increases, product costs and expected net returns

Doug Miller, vice president of Midwest Bio-Tech, will help you understanding soil biological activity and how it impacts plant germination and emergence, so that you can measure and make decisions that can improve your crop stands and yields.

For more information, contact Doug Miller at (309) 659-7773 or email him at