Trimble has launched a new fully scalable version of its Irrigate-IQ precision irrigation solution that also works with a wider range of irrigation equipment.

Growers can now affordably purchase a basic system to remotely monitor and control their pivots. As their irrigation needs grow and evolve, they can easily upgrade to partial or full variable rate irrigation (VRI) capabilities using the same base hardware. Since the Trimble Irrigate-IQ solution is brand-agnostic, it allows farmers to monitor and control all pivots in their fields, even from multiple manufacturers, with one seamless system.

In addition to integrating with computerized pivot control panels, the Irrigate-IQ solution is compatible with basic control panels from several manufacturers. As a result, the Irrigate-IQ solution can be used on the majority of pivots currently installed in North America.

With the Irrigate-IQ solution, growers can remotely monitor and control their pivots via Trimble’s Connected Farm using their desktop, mobile devices, or Trimble’s TMX-2050 display. For example, if a weather event occurs, growers can react to what is happening in the field in real time and turn their pivots off or turn down the application depth in order to apply the proper input amount as well as save time and fuel costs by eliminating the need to drive to each field daily and manually control each pivot.

As a result, time is now freed up for the grower and their workforce to perform other farming tasks. Growers who utilize the VRI capabilities of Irrigate-IQ can also benefit from minimized nutrient and chemical runoff because the solution allows them to apply the right amount of water, fertigation or effluent in the right place.

As a result, crop quality and yield can be improved and water use efficiency optimized.

Growers who require highly-targeted applications can easily upgrade to full VRI to generate their own prescription maps or manage exclusion zones, and because the solution includes control over each individual nozzle, it provides the highest level of accuracy. By working with a trusted advisor and using Connected Farm solutions from Trimble, enhanced VRI prescriptions can be created that compensate for variations in soil composition, vegetative health and precipitation history within each field. For example, if a farmer has conducted a Soil Information System (SIS) analysis, they will be aware of the soil’s varying properties, topography, and potential issues and can then work with their trusted advisor to have a soil map analyzed and converted into a variable rate irrigation prescription.

“Irrigate-IQ, with Connected Farm, is an important component of a whole farm management system that allows a grower to start with entry-level monitoring and control, and then upgrade to partial or full variable rate control as their needs evolve,” said David Fitzpatrick, Water Solutions business area director of Trimble’s Agriculture Division. “By optimizing water application based on the field variability, farmers are able to produce higher yields and better crop quality, which can make a large impact on their bottom line.”

The solution is currently available in North America. To learn more about Trimble’s Irrigate-IQ solution, visit: