RACINE, Wis. — Case IH recently introduced its new Precision Air 5 series air carts, developed to get the most from every plant’s potential through highly accurate seed and fertilizer placement. As the newest member of the Case IH Precision Air seeding equipment line, the next-generation air carts boost capacity and use AccuSection section control technology to help producers do more work in less time.

“When it comes to seeding, producers told us they want larger capacity and more precision to match up with larger drills and higher-horsepower tractors,” said Dan Klein, Case IH Crop Production Marketing Manager. “We’re excited to provide a solution that not only meets these requirements but also offers more than 50 new patented and patent-pending features designed to provide the ultimate control over crop inputs.

The 5 series’ modular metering control system provides accuracy of seed and fertilizer placement. Appropriately named AccuSection, this technology uses individual electronic meter drives to provide primary run control on a per meter basis.

“The new modular system is easy to use yet offers industry-leading precision and accuracy by metering each primary run on an individual basis,” Klein said. “This reduces or eliminates overlap to help avoid expensive over-application of seed and fertilizer.”

Other key design enhancements of the new Precision Air 5 series air carts include:

Greater capacity: In addition to larger tanks (from 350 to 950 bushels) with larger openings, the 5 series allows operators to blend any tank with any other tank to cover more acres between fills. A new over-center tank lid-lock configuration ensures a tight seal while a durable folding stairway system with slip-resistant treads provides easier access.

Faster filling: A new fill system for the fourth tank lets the producer load from the ground level without having to climb stairs, and a new master shut-off feature allows for meter servicing without having to empty the air cart’s contents. Plus, several design enhancements save time for routine filling, including a longer hopper for improved access under trucks and a deluxe auger system for more intuitive positioning.

Reliability: Corrosion-resistant tanks and meters in addition to a new LED lighting package for easier nighttime filling. With ISO 11783 technology, the air cart is developed to work with the Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Pro 700 control center. This enables easy monitoring and operation of meters, section control technology applications, bin level and other air cart sensors.

Enhanced flexibility: The new meter design uses a modular cartridge system, making it easier to adjust for different seed or fertilizer types and sizes. As an added benefit, simple-to-insert, color-coded cartridges quickly tell operators whether they have the right size for the job.

“Whether working with small grains, pulse crops, dry fertilizers or a range of seeds from canola and rice to soybeans and milo, producers will appreciate the durability, ease of use and improved capacity of the 5 series,” Klein said.