Brent Brueland has joined the team at Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS) as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He will work with the sales and marketing staff to coordinate and implement strategies that will enhance the continued adoption of precision zone tillage with ETS' flagship product — the SoilWarrior.

Brueland is the former salesforce development manager at Dupont Pioneer where he led sales and precision services for the company in the U.S. and globally. Prior to that, he was a business development manager for the agriculture sector at Adayana Inc. and a program director for the Crop Adviser Institute at Iowa State University. His background also includes working with clients in animal agriculture and equipment sectors to introduce new products and precision offerings.

Brueland earned a Masters of Science in Crop Production and Physiology from Iowa State University, which also helps ETS with its goal of providing customers with valuable knowledge and support to back up its products.

"As an equipment manufacturer that sells direct to customers, we need to have the right blend of knowledge on our team to provide value to our customers," explains ETS CEO Kevin Born. "Brent is a great addition because he brings a multitude of talents and experiences, including agronomy, equipment, and animal agriculture. His knowledge will be a great resource for our customers, business partners and staff."

Acceptance and adoption of conservation tillage practices like zone tillage (a form of strip-tillage) have grown substantially since ETS was founded by a farmer more than 10 years ago. 

"I am looking forward to partnering with innovative growers and retailers who are moving agriculture forward by adopting precision tillage practices," explains Brueland. "More and more farmers are realizing the potential in maximizing productivity, minimizing environmental impact and enhancing sustainability for future generations. I believe ETS can use its integrated systems approach, knowledge and service to supply growers with the tools necessary to achieve these goals."