Did you know that more 78% of strip-tillers who seeded cover crops used cereal rye?*

Were you among this group?

Your help is needed on an important project that will let you compare yourself with other strip-tillers. Take part in our 7th annual “Strip-Till Practices Survey” which evaluates cropping practices, fertilizer application methods, berm-building techniques and precision technology adoption.


If you use strip-till in your farming operation, please complete this confidential survey. For participating, we will e-mail you your own copy of the “Strip-Till Practices” tabulated results before we even share the results in the Summer issues of No-Till Farmer’s Conservation Tillage Guide and Strip-Till Farmer.

Plus, as a thank you for participating, you can receive an exclusive 50% appreciation discount on registration to attend the 2020 National Strip-Tillage Conference, Aug. 6-7 in Omaha, Neb. With this special offer, you pay just $165.00 for 2-days of non-stop strip-till education and idea sharing. Submit the survey now and receive a special 50% discount code upon completion!

The thoughts and opinions you offer can make a difference by providing information that can help you do an even better job of running your strip-till farming operation in the future.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and your response will be kept confidential. 

This is the ONLY comprehensive survey of strip-till practices conducted in the U.S. and it serves as an industry benchmark.

Thank you for your participation in advance and view results and analysis of past strip-till practices studies here

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