UltraplantSTORM LAKE, Iowa — Harvest International Inc. of Storm Lake, Iowa, announced a collaboration with individual Precision Planting dealerships nationwide. This gives individual dealers complete access to the newly released 2017 family of patented Ultraplant planter bars.

The new Ultraplant lineup was designed in consultation with individual Precision Planting dealers for the rigors of high speed planting, and now gives farmers the means to be equipped with the first "state of the art" custom planter for their exact needs, which can be equipped with Precision Planting technology for potential savings over mainline products.

CEO Byron Friesen was first contacted by a Precision Planting dealer from central Illinois who ordered the first Harvest bar to adapt his precision technology onto it. After putting it on and into the field in 2014 with success, it began an entire process of a new generation of bars for Harvest.

The new Ultraplant planter frame comes as the most Precision Planting technology-friendly ‘platform’ bar available. It features the Narrow Front Fold system with the Grab & Go latch system, adjustable wheel units equipped a wide footprint, bar tread MuckMaster transport tire with excellent stubble damage resistance.

It also features adjustable row unit spacing of 15, 20, 22 and 30 inches, all available on the same bar design. To keep the bar clean looking it also has internal vacuum/air passageways, and comes hydraulically plumbed for Precision Planting technology. The Ultraplant is adaptable for either bulk fill systems or individual seed box delivery.

The custom systems are available in 20, 30, 40, 44 and 60 foot models and bulk fill systems and row units are available.