La Crosse Seed and its Soil First® family of cover crop products recently launched a new inoculant tailored to cover crops. LINK™ Cover Crop Inoculant was created to inoculate any legume cover crop mix in one easy product and is included with Soil First legume mix orders of 500 pounds or more.

“We are excited to offer LINK to the cover crop industry,” said Scott Wohltman, cover crop lead at La Crosse Seed. “This will help producers maximize the benefits of their cover crop for greater return on investment”.

While inoculating legume cover crops is crucial for maximum growth and nitrogen fixation, cost and convenience are a challenge as multiple products are often needed. To solve this, LINK includes all rhizobia strains needed to inoculate any legume cover crop mix in one package. The inoculant is also effective for custom mixes and forage mixes including legumes.

“LINK will help take the guesswork and challenge out of inoculating cover crops,” added Wohltman.

Application is also simple. LINK is a dry product that can be applied directly to seed or at the planter and is applied to the entire cover crop mix. Applying to the entire mix allows non-legume seed to help carry inoculant into the soil for greater nodulation and nitrogen fixation of legumes. Each package treats 500 pounds of seed, convenient for both 50-pound and 2,000-pound bulk bags.

The new inoculant will be available for cover crop orders this summer. More information on LINK and La Crosse Seed’s Soil First cover crop products can be found at