WASHINGTON, Iowa  — Bazooka Farmstar introduced the Titan Toolbar for anhydrous and strip-till applications as the most recent addition to its Titan Series. The toolbar is compatible with a variety of high speed anhydrous and strip-till units and brings the Titan speed, convenience, and quality construction to two new application styles.

The Titan toolbar features upward and downward wing flexibility of 30 degrees each way, as well as high speed capabilities. With this toolbar, application speeds of up to 12 mph can be reached. For convenience of transport, the toolbar folds to a narrow travel width of 12 feet.

Additionally, the Titan for anhydrous and strip-till applications was built to last, providing extreme resistance to corrosion with heavy-duty nickel plated pins. The 6 by 4 and 6 by 6 tubing with ⅜-inch walls also allows for maximum durability in tough conditions.