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As we start seeing more harvested cornfields, farmers are left with both the blessing and the curse of managing crop residue.

Finding the right technique and tools for breaking down corn stalks and tapping into the organic benefits can seem like a constant struggle. But strip-till can be a valuable ally in effective residue management, especially in a corn-on-corn system.

Having thrived in this system for the better part of a decade, Stillman Valley, Illinois, farmer Cade Bushnell says his residue management mantra starts with the understanding that planting season starts with the combine.

In today’s Strip-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Thurston Mfg., we welcome Cade to share his method and recommendations for not only managing heavy corn residue, but putting it to work as part of a systematic approach to developing a productive strip-till system.







The Strip-Till Farmer podcast is brought to you by Thurston Manufacturing.

For more than four decades, Thurston Manufacturing has been an innovator in fertilizer injection and conservation tillage equipment. Over that time, large-acre farmers have found “Blu-Jet” to be synonymous with durability, low maintenance and return on investment. A founding Title Sponsor of the National Strip-Tillage Conference, Blu-Jet’s Strip-Tracker was the first strip-till implement to combine on-board fertilizer carrying capacities with a stretched and staggered row unit. Visit or call them today at 800-658-3127.



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