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2017 National Strip-Tillage Conference

Understanding Soil Health and Dual Purpose Cover Crops

Soil health is rooted in a comprehensive farm management strategy. Knowing how to utilize natural soil heal stimulants to maximize crop production is an objective of Aaron Hird, Nebraska's NRCS state soil health specialist. Hird shares soil health principals promoted by the NRCS including the use of dual purpose cover crops for grazing as well as other opportunities to enhance a strip-till system.
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National Strip-Tillage Conference

Secrets, Successes and Struggles to a Narrow-Row Strip-Till System

Minnesota strip-tiller Brian Ryberg will share experience and advice for establishing a strip-till system on 22-inch spacings at the 4th annual National Strip-Tillage Conference Aug. 3-4 in Omaha, Neb.
Strip-tilled fields aren’t designed to win beauty contests, and a picturesque plot of land isn’t nearly as valuable as the benefits of a well-structured system.
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NSTC Speaker Presentations

Building a Strip-Till System from the Ground Up - Bill Darrington - NSTC 2015 - MP3 Download


Conservation tillage is the only option for Bill Darrington to farm the rolling hills of western Iowa, to maintain soil structure and maximize nutrient uptake in the soil. Since 1987, he’s evolved from no-till and strip-till to a hybrid of the two farming practices. This includes deep-banded, multi-level placement of fertilizer during a spring strip-till pass and multiple foliar applications, along with timed insecticide and herbicide applications to provide crops with a robust nutrient package.


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