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Strip-till is far and beyond simply the tools used to create an ideal seedbed within several inches of tilled soil. In fact, most of the answers to questions farmers might have about their strip-tilling efforts, lie right beneath the surface in the crop’s root structure, according to expert soil scientist Mike Petersen.

As he says, with strip-till, we change the thought process of common fertilization practices, broad-acre tillage and at times, no-till, as not being very effective or the most efficient method for placing nutrients in the root pathway.”

In today’s Strip-Till Farmer podcast brought to you by Topcon Agriculture, Mike digs into what is happening to the physical condition of the soil and the crops strip-tillers plant including how a strip-till systems approach can overcome soil resistance and how certain factors effect the newly emerging seedling and the issues of emergence and root development.







Strip-Till Farmer's podcast series is brought to you by Topcon Agriculture.

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