LEXINGTON, Neb. — Orthman Mfg. is partnering with Salford/Valmar to further enhance the fertilizer application capabilities of the 1tRIPr strip-tillage machine, as well as other Orthman row crop equipment. There are two new product additions to the Orthman lineup, including the joint Salford/Orthman designed Tracker Nutrient Trailer and the Valmar ST-10 Fertilizer System.

The Tracker Nutrient Trailer is based off the Salford Pathfinder Cart, a fertilizer-carrying cart with the ability to follow the implement path, reducing crop damage and compaction. Orthman and Salford jointly designed the trailer to fit the needs of all Orthman row crop equipment specifically. This joint design will be manufactured by both companies, and will be delivered to the end user as a fully supported Orthman product. The high-capacity trailer is adaptable from 20-40-inch row spacing to fit nearly any operation, and offers over 30 inches of axle clearance for post-emerge, high-capacity fertility passes. It also offers dual-product capability, with either twin liquid tanks, or the Valmar ST-10 Dry Fertilizer system.

Orthman will also offer the Valmar ST-10 Dry Fertilizer system on the 1tRIPr XD pull-type strip-tillage machine. Orthman has offered single-product dry solutions on the 1tRIPr XD for over 3 years, but now will be able to offer a dual-product solution for both pull type and mounted machines.