Concept Ag Soil & Plant Nutrition has launched TransMaxx Technology, a translocation technology for foliar feeding crop fertility products. 

TransMaxx Technology opens the door for foliar application of specific nutrients, including calcium, considered ineffective until now, says Daniel Hensley, Concept Ag’s lead agronomist. In the past, foliar application of calcium was considered ineffective because calcium did not readily translocate through the plant to the root zone where it is absorbed and used.

Transmaxx Technology is a process designed into the company’s micronutrient products to enable the systemic translocation of various nutritional elements throughout the xylem and phloem of all crops, Hensley explains. 

“The improved and precise delivery of specific nutrients through TransMaxx will help growers avoid a common bottleneck in advancing crop performance,” Hensley says.

According to Hensley, adequate calcium in the root zone contributes to building thicker and healthier cell membranes to help protect the plant from stress and disease. Calcium also contributes to increased nitrogen efficiency, increased potassium and phosphorus absorption as well as increased deposits of starch for heavier grain test weights. 

Jonathan Seimers, a corn and soybean grower who operates near Cape Girardeau, Mo., says TransMaxx Technology is appealing because it will help protect his fertility investment, an important goal especially when grain prices are lower.

“With TransMaxx, you can put fertilizer on when you know you have a flowering crop and you know you have an opportunity for ROI,” he says.

Peanut and corn grower Erick Lyerly of Lake City, Ark., has seen significant grade improvements since he started testing CalBor with Transmaxx Technology in 2015. Peanut quality grading is based primarily on peanut size, maturity and shell membrane thickness, Lyerly explains.  

“We’ve seen a great peanut grade increase where we’ve used CalBor and that equals a premium. The money in our pocket was significantly greater because of the grade increases,” Lyerly says.

TransMaxx Technology will be available initially in Concept Ag’s micronutrient products CalBor and Concept-Z16 (with zinc) and will be built into additional products in the future, Hensley says. Products with TransMaxx Technology can be tank mixed with most crop protectants and other fertilizers.