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Unverferth NutriMax Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

The NutriMax liquid fertilizer applicator boosts crop performance through the precise placement of nutrients during the growing season when they're most needed by the plants. They are available in 2,600-, 1,800- and 1,400-gallon sizes with patent-pending folding designs for reduced transport width. It's 36-inch toolbar clearance increases the application window and the rugged coulter design ensures proper fertilizer placement and long life. Toolbar widths are available in 90, 80, 60 or 40 feet with undercarriage options including Equalizer® tracks, dual and single wheels depending on model.

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Sunco Nutri Mate 3 Fertilizer Placement Unit

Agronomic Studies have shown that 2-by-2-inch starter fertilizer placement creates the largest yield increase of any starter treatment due to the fertilizer being placed directly in the root zone. The Nutri Mate 3 row-mounted unit’s innovative design prevents plugging, eliminates parallel linkage stress, minimizes seed bed disturbance and offers multiple placement locations. The Nutri Mate 3 can be used in conjunction with Sunco Pin Adjust Saber Tooth Row Cleaners or as a part of the NutriFloater combination fertilizer/floating row cleaner attachment that is compatible with the Precision Planting® CleanSweep® System.

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Dalton DLQHD “Delta” Liquid NH3 Applicator

The Dalton DLQHD “Delta” Liquid NH3 Applicator is designed for areas requiring row width flexibility and less compaction, and features dual 46-inch row crop wheels and tires and best-in-class ground clearance (56 inches). With an adjustable heavy duty axle for custom row spacing, working width of up to 60 feet, and powered by tractor hydraulics, the Delta is VRT-ready for a wide range of precision farming applications. A 1,500-gallon steel-reinforced tank, on-board hand wash station, greaseless wing pivot points, and DOT-compliant full width rear lights are standard, as are state-of-the-art powder coat paint and a 24-month limited warranty.

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AULARI’s On Board Dry Fertilizer Applicator

AULARI offers a full line of precision pneumatic applicators and fertilizer opener that can meet your needs. The ALR3002 applicator has a capacity of 3-6 tons and can side band while you are seeding up to 36 rows with 30-inch spacing. There are many advantages of having the dry fertilizer system on your planter, such as being easier to back up and a metering system that is visible from the cab. This equipment is available for most of the planters and are built for your needs. AULARI offers a complete installation kit that includes dry fertilizer applicator, frame adaptor, air release, fertilizer hoses and coulters.

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Schaffert G2 Fertilizer Disc/4 Link Closer System

Schaffert Mfg.’s G2/4 Link Closer system provides consistent placement of fertilizer to the side of the row (dual side placement available soon). The thin, 8-inch G2 disc offers greater penetration, is easily adjustable 2-3 inches off the row, and streams low and high pressure. Together, the G2 and 4 Link Closer keep fertilizer away from the front of the planter and allow up to 9 inches of parallel travel vs. the 3 inches allowed by regular closing systems. The G2 has a walking beam axle that places balanced pressure on both press wheels and the liquid disc, giving better fertilizer depth and better seed-to-soil contact in uneven terrain. The 4 Link Closer and G2 are easy to install on John Deere, Kinze, White, Monosem, Great Plains and Case IH planters.

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Schaffert Single or Dual Side Placement Fertilizer Tubes for Case IH

Schaffert Mfg.’s new stainless steel fertilizer tubes mount directly on Case IH planter units and inject fertilizer directly into the slice opened by the Case IH leading covering disc. Fertilizer can be placed 2 inches to one or both sides of the row, giving crops early access to the nutrients needed for optimal growth. The tube runs close to the soil surface and the fertilizer is incorporated into the soil, helping eliminate splash on the planter, covering discs and press wheels. This keeps fertilizer from building up on the standard or Chicken Track press wheels. The tubes come with optional high-pressure tips and are available for Case IH 800-2100 series planters.

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Hawkins Mfg. Planter N Forcer

The Planter N Forcer is a precision, liquid injection system. It accurately places banded fertilizer directly into the slit made by the double beveled blade. The shielded, rear-mount design keeps the planter cleaner, eliminating fertilizer and soil buildup that can lift the planter. Ideal for minimum tillage practices, the airbag or spring absorbs impact from rocks and residue, lifting only the rear arm of the Planter N Forcer, keeping your seed placement consistent. Maximum adjustability allows for placement 2-8 inches off the row and 0-5 inches deep. The Planter N Forcer mounts to most planter makes and models.

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SpikeWheel Liquid Fertilizer Injection

SpikeWheel technology is ideal for no-till systems because it allows farmers to place liquid fertilizer at the plant's root zone for optimal crop uptake with low disturbance. SpikeWheel’s single-pass subsurface liquid injection system places liquid products at an optimal 3½-inches into the soil to give the plant immediate access to nutrients, thus promoting growth. The complete SpikeWheel system is constructed of 304 stainless steel, hardened alloy injection points and nylon hub bushings. It provides superior down pressure in hard soils, sod and no-till systems. Apply up to 38 gallons per acre in 30-inch spacings at up to 6 mph.

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15 Series BLU-JET Liquid Applicator Models

BLU-JET is pleased to introduce its enhanced lineup of liquid application equipment. BLU-JET AT3015, AT4015, and AT4615 Liquid Applicators feature the best traditional elements from BLU-JET, like narrow transport and high clearance, while adding features to increase efficiency. These elements include enhanced road transport features, improved tank level monitoring, convenient hydraulic hose storage, easier hitching and detaching, faster depth adjustment, and better visibility of injection system pressure. BLU-JET also continues to match tanks with the best single tire and track technologies available, reducing your compaction footprint and eliminating any possibility of pinch-row compaction.

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