Spensa Technologies Inc., a precision agriculture technology company, and Spectrum Seed, a premium, non-GMO seed company, announced a partnership that allows corn growers in the Midwest the ability to collect important pest population data for insects such as corn earworm, western bean cutworm and European corn borer in near real-time, powered by Spensa’s Z-Trap Network.Non-GMO

The Spectrum – Spensa Z-Trap Network will stretch from North and South Dakota through the Midwestern Corn Belt to eastern Ohio, providing growers throughout the region valuable insights into potential yield saving data.

Not only will Spensa’s unique technology allow growers to monitor pest populations, but their Insights data will help growers maximize efficient use of insecticide, thus reducing the impact on the environment and the financial impact on the grower.

For more information on the Spectrum and Spensa partnership, to learn how to subscribe to Spectrum – Spensa Z-Trap Network, or to sign up for an upcoming webinar hosted by the partnering companies on the topic of “How To Implement A Pest Management Methodology” click here.