Spectrum Technologies, Inc., expands their broad product offering with the release of the WatchDog® Portable Wind Sensor. The ultrasonic wind sensor sends wind speed and direction values to any smartphone via Bluetooth. Custom applicators or growers applying their own pesticides can now capture real-time weather conditions at the field or crop site and include this important information in the spray records.

Wind is one of the most common contributors to pesticide droplet drift. Now there is an affordable solution to measuring and capturing weather data for spray records. The WatchDog Portable Wind Sensor measures wind speed and direction. Data can be saved on a smartphone and emailed to provide a permanent record of weather conditions. Avoid potential litigation, legal liability, and fines associated with injury to adjacent crops and other non-target areas from pesticide drift. Utilize the WatchDog Portable Wind Sensor to provide the knowledge needed to spray effectively.

“With this new wind sensor, pesticide applicators can document weather conditions at the field site in the event of a drift complaint” says Mike Thurow, President & CEO. It’s important to demonstrate good stewardship when applying pesticides.

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