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5000 Stalk Devastator™ from Yetter Mfg.

The 5000 Stalk Devastator™ from Yetter Farm Equipment prevents tire damage, which means less downtime and less expense to replace tires and tracks. The Devastator pushes stalks over and crushes them so tires and tracks on the combine or any equipment traveling through the fields are protected from cornstalk damage. The Devastator is designed to crush stalks while leaving stalks attached, which speeds up the process of breaking down the cornstalk — leading to improved field conditions for spring planting.

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Stalk Stryker™ from Loewen Mfg.

Stalk Stryker™ forces corn stubble to the ground before it has a chance to puncture or cause wear to your tires or tracks.

Made from abrasion-resistant steel, this 10-inch-wide shoe assembly is designed to protect your tires/tracks from stalks and other debris. Stalk Stryker™ features 8 points of angle/height adjustment to meet your field demands and the assembly has single pin mounting for quick and easy removal and can also be fitted with a poly skid for better performance in muddy conditions. Stalk Stryker™ can be mounted to Case-IH, Drago, Geringhoff, John Deere and New Holland corn heads.

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Retrofit Your Corn Head with May Wes Products

Increase your corn yield and reduce costly corn stubble damage to your combine tires with these popular May Wes products for your corn head:

  • Quick Disconnect 2 Stalk Stompers will level the corn stalks ahead of your tires
  • Poly Corn Snout replacements for OEM metal and damaged snouts
  • HeadSight® for maintaining accurate header ground clearance
  • Snout Savers to prevent snout tip damage
  • Ear Savers prevent loose corn from sliding over the gathering chains
  • Auger Trough Liners extend the life of worn and corroded troughs
  • Corn Shields to prevent ear bounce loss

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Retrofit Your Grain Head with May Wes Products

Get the most from your grain harvesting equipment with these May Wes products:

  • Poly Skid Shoe replacements — we have the most comprehensive brand and model offerings for complete kits or individual skids. Hardware included.
  • Auger Trough Liners will extend the life of your worn or corroded grain head
  • Poly Retractable Finger replacements are a cost-effective alternative and prevent damage to your combine drum and thrasher system compared to metal
  • Poly Tine replacements — available for reel and paddle
  • Poly Tin Replacement Shields for Case 1020 models

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FlexDraper® from MacDon

Imitated, but never duplicated. The original FlexDraper®, MacDon's FD75 continues to advance harvesting technology. Featuring our fixed reel to cutterbar relationship and the smooth, consistent, heads-first feeding that makes the FlexDraper® a harvesting performance legend. As the ultimate performance modification for your combine, this machine can significantly boost productivity in any crop and any harvesting situation. That's why more top producers and custom harvesters trust the FlexDraper® with their harvest.

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Fantini by Hamilton Systems

There’s nothing like a Fantini. The difference is obvious. Whether it’s our corn headers that feature a simple, solid design resulting in less maintenance and lower overall cost of ownership, or our sunflower headers with deeper flighting, front-mounted stalk cutters and a rubber block gathering system, which results in less shaking and virtually zero seed loss, Fantini headers are just better. The advantages are not only evident in how they’re built, but also in the returns they deliver to the bin — and to the bank. Dealers are wanted!

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Tribine Harvester

The all-new Tribine features twin Cummins 9.0 liter engines producing 650 HP, without DEF. In addition to the 1,000-bushel grain tank, which can be unloaded in 2 minutes, the Tribine also incorporates the world’s largest threshing and cleaning system. Coupled with the 500-gallon fuel capacity, the Tribine is capable of 24 hours of continuous operation. The Tribine’s AWD system through a center articulation joint, coupled with independent rear axle steering, gives the Tribine the tightest turning radius of any machine in its class. Additionally, the Tribine’s low sidewall technology tires provide increased stability, and the lowest compaction of any harvesting system.

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Geringhoff Freedom Corn Head

The Geringhoff Freedom corn head is the only head on the market specifically designed for harvesting 15-inch corn with the innovative new SlimLine row unit. This row unit utilizes two gathering chains per row set on a 45-degree angle for the most gentle harvest possible in 15-inch corn. With its proven performance in down corn and the ability to match your combine capacity, you’ll be done harvesting your 15-inch row corn in record time. The Freedom mounts to all major combine brands with matching poly snout color.

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Calmer BT Chopper® Stalk Rolls and Deluxe Upgrade Kits

Upgrade your corn head to perform better than a chopping head! Guaranteed!

  • Voted to the No-Till Product of the Year List five times!
  • 25% less HP needed than with chopping heads
  • Better ear separation
  • Less tire wear
  • Warmer/drier soils
  • Easier planting
  • Higher yields

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Harvestec 6000 Cornado Series Corn Headers

Harvestec offers the 6000 Cornado series corn headers in 20-, 22-, 27.6- and 30-inch spacings from 6-16 rows wide. Known for its industry-leading stalk chopping, it chops stalks evenly into 2- to 3-inch residue pieces to increase residue deterioration while harvesting at speeds up to 7.5 mph. This eliminates extra tillage passes normally required to break down residue from today’s high-yielding corn hybrids, putting more money in producer’s pockets. The eight pinch points on the 6000 series snapping rolls take in less trash and can produce smaller residue pieces than most competitors that just use four pinch points, allowing more evenly exposed soil.

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CropScan 3000H On Combine Analyzer

The CropScan 3000H On Combine Analyzer measures protein, oil and moisture in grains and oil seeds as they are harvested. Measurements are made every 7-12 seconds and are displayed on the in-cabin Touch Screen PC in real-time, including bin averages, field averages and protein maps. The data is stored along with the GPS coordinates for every measurement and uploaded to the Cloud where the data can be accessed remotely. Post harvest, the protein and yield data is used to generate Nitrogen Removal Maps, Gross Margin Maps, and as a diagnostic tool to determine whether the crop has reached its fullest potential.

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MDD-100 Row Independent Corn Head from GBC Equipment

The MDD-100 available in the US and Canada through GBC Equipment, is the only truly row-independent corn head without adjustments or modifications available on the market today:

  • Any row spacing
  • Any crop conditions — even down crops
  • Without ground seed restrictions
  • Solution to misaligned rows
  • Reduce harvest loss on overlapped headlines
  • Harvest every direction to maximize productivity

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