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Starting out in strip-till requires planning, patience and a bit of a sense of adventure. Farmers who have made the transition understand the commitment of time and effort that go into developing a productive, profitable system. 

But any strip-tiller will attest that growing pains and failure will be part of the evolutionary process. Custom strip-tilling more than 20,000 acres on 20-25 different soil types during the last 5 years, Elk Point, S.D., farmer Joey Hanson has seen the good, bad and ugly of equipment setups, berm building and fertilization strategies. 

In his experience, he’s seen primarily 2 types of strip-tillers — those who want strip-till to succeed and make it work and those who don’t really want to succeed with strip-till, but try it so they can say the tillage system they’ve been using was best.

In today’s Strip-Till Farmer podcast brought to you by Topcon Agriculture, Joey begins sharing 10 takeaways from his experience strip-tilling including strip-till timing, equipment options and soil-building opportunities.







Strip-Till Farmer's podcast series is brought to you by Topcon Agriculture.

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