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Coming from heavy conventional tillage where people are used to running rippers and discs and chisels and seeing their grounds black, Joey says he knew that running a coulter system 3-4 inches deep wasn’t necessarily going to be a fit for his system. 

At the 2017 National Strip-Tillage Conference in Omaha, he mentioned that he tried running a coulter setup intended for spring freshening in corn-on-corn. Where he found success with them was running in spring 2015, but what he didn’t like was some of the clod sizes. 

He’d been running drag chains on his planter, and found some steel and some old heavy log chains and made his own drag chains for the strip-till rig and had some of the best compliments ever from farmers that planted onto that double-coulter strip, knowing it was only 3-4 inches deep.

In today’s Strip-Till Farmer podcast brought to you by Topcon Agriculture, Joey continues sharing 10 takeaways from his experience strip-tilling including strip-till timing, equipment options and soil-building opportunities.







Strip-Till Farmer's podcast series is brought to you by Topcon Agriculture.

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