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Strip-till is often equated to a puzzle, with farmers having to assemble aspects of equipment, fertilizer application, technology, seed selection and soil health together. When one piece is missing, others don’t often fit.

But the challenge for strip-tillers is that the size, shape and availability of those pieces can change. Perhaps more than any other farming practice, strip-till requires a willingness to adapt, experiment and learn.

Says veteran strip-tiller David Legvold, “Each person has his or her own specific needs so I have learned to keep still and listen to their adventures. I always believe I benefit the most from these conversations as we share ideas. To be sure, strip-till will build soil health and save money. But a bigger reason is to share the commonalities with other producers and continue the learning adventure.”

In today’s Strip-Till Farmer Podcast bought to you by Topcon Agriculture, “Assembling & Analyzing the Essentials of a Strip-Till System Part 2,” we continue to dissect the data gathered from Strip-Till Farmer's 5th Annual Strip-Till Operational Practices Benchmark Study. We take a deep-down look into the 2017 cropping practices of more than 300 farmers from 27 states and Canada who identified themselves as strip-tillers. You'll get insight into...

  • Cover cropping preferences and seeding methods
  • Fertilizer application strategies and most commonly used nutrients
  • Planting population comparisons for corn and soybeans
  • Trending precision farming tool adoption 
  • Strategies separating the top 10% of producers from the pack

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Strip-Till Farmer's podcast series is brought to you by Topcon Agriculture.

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