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To turn information into action, farmers have to decode and process the mountain of gigabytes they’ve pulled from their farm, assign meaning to it, and make appropriate and timely management decisions.

Crop-sensing technology is evolving to meet both those challenges. By no means a new technology, remote sensors, usually affixed to sprayers and sidedress machines, collect and immediately use real-time data — giving operators the ability to have tailored nitrogen (N) prescriptions for crops before it’s too late.

Sensing technology and strip-till are a promising pairing. But what are the opportunities and obstacles to adoption and ultimately, a more targeted, field-tested approach to nutrient application?

The ag industry is moving toward making sensing technology a mainstream tool, says Dr. Ray Asebedo, former assistant professor of precision agriculture at Kansas State University and consultant for Topcon Agriculture. He focuses on the development of agronomic algorithms and IoT to enable farmers to utilize optical sensor technologies for nutrient management in corn, soybeans and wheat.

Dr. Ray Asebedo, Consultant for Topcon

During this free, live webinar event sponsored by Topcon, Asebedo, expands on accuracy of fertilizer application aided by advancements of sensing technology — to include autonomous vehicles and machine vision — in strip-till systems.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The current capabilities of optical sensor technologies: should you invest?
  • How IoT and connectivity enable farmers to get the most from their sensors and strip-till system
  • How to integrate sensor technologies and IoT into your strip-till system to improve profitability through nutrient management

Date: October 23
Time: 11 am Central Time
Speaker: Dr. Ray Asebedo

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The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.