MADISON, Wis. — Midwestern BioAg (MBA) and Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS), developer of the SoilWarrior, have partnered to launch a rebate savings program for Ag Retailers.


Pairing TerraNu Technology from MBA and SoilWarrior strip-till systems from ETS, the rebate program provides an incentive for Ag Retailers to incorporate the two technologies to build soil health for growers and improve nutrient-use efficiency in the strip.

“Reports from strip-tillers in the field using TerraNu with their systems have been extremely positive, both in handling and application. Midwestern BioAg is excited to partner with ETS, expanding the reach of our TerraNu Technology,” says Jim Krebsbach, Vice President of Sales with MBA.  

TerraNu is designed to provide soil health benefits in an easy-to-apply granule that maximizes nutrient-use efficiency. The carbon base of TerraNu acts as a natural biological stimulant, feeding soil biology and improving soil health. The SoilWarrior provides one-pass efficiency and optimized VRT nutrient placement by incorporating fertilizer throughout the strip to create a nutrient-rich zone.

“Environmental Tillage Systems is excited to be a part of this program with Midwestern Bio Ag. TerraNu fertilizer is designed to promote nutrient efficiency and build soil health just like the SoilWarrior.” says Brent Brueland, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with ETS. 

Ag Retailers who purchase and apply TerraNu with SoilWarrior strip-till equipment during 2019 are eligible to receive rebate savings on both their TerraNu fertilizer and SoilWarrior equipment investments.

“ETS is a leader in the strip-till industry, bringing the best technologies and soil health practices to their customers. Developing a partnership to improve soil health in the zone with SoilWarrior equipment and our precision, carbon-based TerraNu fertilizers was a natural fit,” Krebsbach says.

For full program terms and conditions, please contact a Midwestern BioAg Wholesale Representative: