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Compatibility Update: Developers Optimistic as Farmers Anticipate ISOBUS Innovation

AEF developers preview the future of ISOBUS, while farmers share their success stories and frustrations coordinating equipment.

Pictured Above: COMPATIBLE COMPONENT. After experimenting with different data systems, Kent, Ill., strip-tiller Seth Wenzel settled on the Ag Leader AgFiniti display for his Kinze 3600 16- and 31-row soybean planters, noting its interface and reliable functionality

The relationship between manufacturers and farmers has never been seamless, yet in an industry where the complexity of precision services and equipment setups continues to escalate, the two sides need to be on the same page more than ever. 

From visions of universal, plug-and-play agriculture to tractor cabs free of unnecessary clutter, manufacturers are well aware of farmer expectations and remain optimistic in their progress to meet them.

In the meantime, farmers continue to capitalize on manufacturer successes as they come and maneuver through those obstacles that remain. 

Developers Share Goals

As one of the top organizations for the progression of farm engineering, the Agricultural Electronics Foundation (AEF) directs initiatives and programs including the bi-annual AEF Plugfest event. Plugfest, dubbed “speed dating for ag nerds” by one attendee, brings together software engineers from around the globe to test a series of displays and installations for ISOBUS compatibility. 

In a round-robin format, different groups of engineers collaborate in 30-minute windows, allowing each side to test the functionality of their platform against another. The variety of pairings is a key component to the development stage as it helps to detect any bugs or underlying issues in their software en route to eventual ISOBUS certification.

Certified AEF ISOBUS products are then added to a growing database…

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