Case IH is expanding its portfolio of high-efficiency spraying options with the new AutoBoom XRT automatic boom height control — now available on Patriot and Trident series sprayers. The next-generation technology automatically adjusts the booms by using a combination of chassis monitoring and sensors to function as a “look ahead” and detect changes in terrain. The radar sensors can be configured to detect the location of the ground or crop canopy, maintain a level spray platform and maximize boom life.

“High-efficiency application starts with superior accuracy, and that means a boom needs to stay a consistent, level height above the ground,” said Mark Burns, Case IH application equipment marketing manager. “AutoBoom XRT outshines prior height control options because it allows producers to consistently cover a wide range of terrain, from smooth topographies to waterways and terraces.”

AutoBoom XRT automatic boom height control minimizes boom height error at any speed, no matter the ground terrain. This chart compares Ultraglide versus new AutoBoom XRT automatic boom height control technology across a terrace topography for Patriot 4440 series sprayers.

AutoBoom XRT automatic boom height control is designed to help operators cover more acres effectively per pass and provide consistent, accurate application across every inch of ground. This option is ideal for producers with longer spray booms, as the longer the boom, the more challenging it is for operators to maintain level and consistent application. AutoBoom XRT automatic boom height control comes with three radar sensors strategically placed along the boom, with the option to add more for a total of up to seven, for maximum points of monitoring.

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