A new gauge wheel assembly available from Yetter Manufacturing Co. for toolbars will save time for farmers and make adjustment easier when setting toolbar depth as they encounter changing field conditions.

The new 3500-113 gauge wheels operate using ratcheting screw jacks with 1-inch Acme threads, and all adjusting parts are zinc plated for rust prevention.

“In addition to quick depth adjustment, these gauge wheels beat the competition in terms of placement,” says Yetter Territory Manager Jared Head. The narrow mounting bracket profile allows them to be toolbar-mounted between narrowly spaced attachments without a spacer unit.”

According to Head, gauge wheels are important to maintaining toolbar frame height. They support the weight of the toolbar and keep attachments operating at the proper depth.

“Whether you’re using a toolbar for fertilizer application, strip-tillage, or any other reason, you’ll get a more consistent working depth with these gauge wheels,” he says.

Other features include:

  • 15-by-5-inch, five-bolt rims
  • Plate-steel-constructed mounting bracket
  • 4-by-4-inch steel-tubing shank construction
  • Spindle tube mount-welded on both sides for shank stability