DURHAM, N.C. -- Summit Agro USA has announced Regev, the first hybrid fungicide for US agriculture. This next generation disease control product combines the benefits of a botanical product with the advantages of a conventional fungicide. Regev contains tea tree oil and difenoconazole to offer growers of a variety of crops effective disease control while reducing chemical usage and enhancing  plant growth and yield, according to the company.

The hybrid nature of Regev means reducing the chemical load in treated crops, which differentiates it from conventional options. In addition, the multiple modes of action with REGEV presents a very low probability for the development of resistance or cross resistance in plant pathogens.

Regev will be introduced in major crops such as soybeans, rice and potatoes as well as specialty crops including cucurbits, fruiting vegetables, bulb vegetables, brassica leafy vegetables, legume vegetables, grapes, tree nuts and citrus.