The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced the re-registration of several in-season dicamba products, with important label updates that affect your options for managing Roundup Ready 2 Xtend and XtendFlex soybean systems in 2021. Here’s what you need to know as you finalize next season’s management plan. 

What Are the Major Dicamba Label Changes for In-Season Applications in 2021?

XtendiMax herbicide with VaporGrip Technology, FeXapan herbicide Plus VaporGrip® Technology, Tavium Plus VaporGrip Technology and Engenia herbicide have all been re-registered for in-season application through 2025 with some additional label requirements. The key label updates include:

  • A nationwide over-the-top application cut-off date of June 30 for soybeans and July 30 for cotton.

  • An increase in the buffer zone requirement to a downwind buffer of 240 feet in counties without endangered species, and a downwind buffer of 310 feet and 57 feet omnidirectional in-field in areas where endangered species are located.

  • Over-the-top dicamba products will need to be tank mixed with an EPA-approved pH-buffering agent prior to all applications, and the EPA will enforce the use of a pH-buffering agent through recordkeeping practices.

  • Labels for over-the-top dicamba products will only include uses for dicamba-tolerant cotton and dicamba-tolerant soybean products, and will not be able to be applied on non-dicamba-tolerant crops.

How Will Dicamba Label Requirements Affect You?

If you’re planning to plant Xtend or XtendFlex soybean varieties, you’ll now be able to utilize labeled dicamba products but will need to follow the new federal label requirements outlined above. In addition, your state could require even more restrictions. Plan to work closely with your agronomist to ensure that you understand and are complying with both state and federal label requirements for in-season dicamba applications.

How Can You Manage Your Soybean Acres to Optimize ROI in 2021?

Regardless of the soybean variety or trait platform you choose, the decisions you make now can affect your profitability potential next season. Here are some actions you can take to ensure you meet your production goals. 

1. Take a systems-approach to management

Take a holistic view of your soybean crop plan, starting with the seed you choose. Don’t just focus on the trait package, but rather the overall yield and agronomic solutions your seed can deliver. Once you’ve chosen the right seed for the acre, be sure to match the right herbicides, adjuvants, plant nutrition products and tools to ensure success. 

One way to easily implement a systems approach for managing your soybean acres is to take advantage of the Advanced Acre Rx program offered by select WinField United retailers. The Advanced Acre Rx program includes customized, season-long recommendations based on your yield goals to help you more confidently choose the right products and production practices to capture the full potential of every field. There are several service levels designed to fit your unique on-farm needs. The program also includes a service performance warranty if you don’t meet set yield thresholds. 

A systems approach for management also makes sense from an economic perspective. Choosing products and ordering early can often provide financial benefits. For example, WinField United is offering early-order incentives through select retailers when you purchase traited CROPLAN soybean seed varieties along with seed treatment and crop protection products. Contact your local WinField United retailer to see if you’re eligible. 

2. Make the most of your investment with proper spray management practices

To get the most from the technology you’ve paid for, you need to follow through with in-season management. Make sure you follow label requirements and best application practices to get the most effective weed control possible. That includes using appropriate nozzles for the herbicides you’ve chosen, applying the correct herbicide rates and water volumes for adequate weed control, and adding effective adjuvants to help improve herbicide performance. 

If you plan to spray dicamba in-season, you'll need to include an approved drift reduction adjuvant (DRA) and volatility reducing adjuvant (VRA) in the tank mix. For tank mixtures containing glyphosate, a water conditioner is also recommended to achieve optimal weed control. 

If you’re looking for convenient options or industry-leading agronomics, we have manufacturer-approved solutions to help you meet every situation and price point. Talk with your local agronomist to find out more.

3. Take advantage of tools that can help you succeed

You’ll need more than just the right products and production practices to optimize your soybean potential in 2021. Reliable in-season data and expert advisors can help you confidently manage your acres and pivot your plan as the season hands you unexpected challenges. Your local WinField United retailer is available and ready to support you as you build a soybean management strategy for 2021.