AgroLiquid, a leading fertilizer company, has added a new liquid phosphorus product, springuP, to its crop nutrition portfolio. This quick-release, readily available product helps growers get their crops off to a strong start.

Because early-season soils tend to be cold, seedlings may struggle to draw nutrients from the soil. SpringuP gives crops a boost by supplying phosphorus (P), potassium and nitrogen right from the start. When crops begin the season with the nutrients they need, they can emerge faster and start growing sooner. Early growth can lead to more uniform maturity.

At planting it's also important to use a seed-safe liquid fertilizer to not injure the plant tissue. SpringuP is a solution that is specially formulated to use at planting with very little risk of tissue damage to seedlings or young plants.


SpringuP is efficient to apply and works quickly after application. With the ability to use springuP in-furrow, it’s easy to find the right way to get necessary nutrients right to the seeds.

SpringuP can be applied with versatile planter placement options, banded over the top of the seed zone or through fertigation. The product can also be used with proven Pro-Germinator to accomplish full-season phosphorus needs.

To learn more about springuP and how it can fit into your customized crop nutrition program, contact your local AgroLiquid representative or visit