Raven Industries, Inc. announced today the release of Virtual Thumb Drive (VTD), the latest tool in Raven Applied Technology’s CRx field computer product suite. Available for order today in Russia, Europe and Latin America, this solution brings greater reliability in over-the-air data transfer for ag operations.

This software advancement connects the office to Raven’s CRx field computers. VTD’s introduction into this product suite ensures operators have the information they need to complete their job. VTD’s over-the-air access from the office to the field gives flexibility to send jobs, update information and receive job status to make informed decisions for the operation.

Raven’s Slingshot Services and Logistics platform is the leading technology solution to connect ag equipment to an operation’s offices for efficient, aligned and accurate work. Through a tiered subscription approach, customers can receive the unique connectivity solution to fit their needs. Slingshot services offer a full spectrum for an ag operation:

  • The ability to access coverage and guidance information between multiple machines in the same job.
  • Machine operation, idle and transit time data, accessible 24/7.
  • Complete visibility to where equipment and assets are located and what tasks they are completing.