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When it comes to strip-till, a driving motivation for making the transition in 2014 for Mike Pribyl, was to balance effectiveness with efficiency.

The Green Bay, Wis., farmer had long followed the seasonal patterns of conventional tillage practices. But a series of conversations with Brent Petersen, agronomist with Brown County Land and Water Conservation led to a conversion, first to no-till and then to strip-till.

The awakening, as Mike puts it, was a springboard to educating area farmers on the value of conservation tillage practices and an opportunity to launch a growing custom strip-till business.

In today’s Strip-Till Farmer podcast,  part 1 of 2, supported by Environmental Tillage Systems, we share excerpts from our recent visit with Mike and Brent to discuss some of the initial objectives they pursued and achieved with a transition to strip-till.

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The Strip-Till Farmer podcast is brought to you by Environmental Tillage Systems.

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