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Ryan Nell doesn’t like to get comfortable, especially when it comes to managing his family’s 2,200-acre farm operation in Beaver Dam, Wis. Comfortable can lead to complacency and for years FWR Nell Farms was content to continue traditional conventional tillage practices.

But gradually, broader interest and transition into conservation tillage practices reshaped the landscape in the area and Ryan’s research into strip-till fueled their entry into the practice in 2015.

Despite some initial challenges, Ryan saw the potential in the practice and began transforming their farm’s philosophy to embrace soil-building efforts, which have translated to more consistent results for corn and soybeans.

In today’s Strip-Till Farmer podcast supported by The Andersons, we share excerpts from our on-farm conversation with Ryan, who candidly shares some of the reasoning and results of the farm’s early experience with strip-till to include equipment setups, berm-building and nutrient management.

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The Strip-Till Farmer podcast is brought to you by The Andersons.

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