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When a friend came to Hudson, Ill., farmer Rich Follmer to discuss no-till corn yield challenges compared to conventionally tilled acres, the conversation was a catalyst for developing an early strip-till system.

Rich accepted the challenge of finding a solution that would warm the ground and dry it out enough to plant, while still preserving the principles of soil health. The solution — engineer a piece of equipment that tilled only an 8-10-inch-wide strip, while leaving the rest of the surrounding ground undisturbed.

With a homemade 12-row bar and some crude row units to clear a path in the field, Rich invented the mid-mount, dual-placement strip-till toolbar that is being used by thousands of Corn Belt farmers.

In today’s Strip-Till Farmer podcast supported by The Andersons, we share excerpts from Editor Frank Lessiter’s conversation with Rich, discussing some of the early motivations for establishing a strip-till system, the best time to build berms and financial incentives for making the switch to the practice.







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The Strip-Till Farmer podcast is brought to you by The Andersons.

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