DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. — Golden Harvest corn farmers now have access to the Seeding Rate Selector, a digital tool that helps farmers estimate the most economical seeding rate for individual hybrids and yield environments. 

"Golden Harvest makes an extensive investment in agronomic research, and this tool is an example of how we bring our data and research to life to benefit our farmers," said Bruce Battles, technical agronomy manager at Syngenta Seeds. "The Seeding Rate Selector will help farmers act upon the data we've gathered by creating customized prescription seeding rates for specific hybrids in their specific environments."

Seeding rate calculations are based on two or more years of data per hybrid, collected at 70 or more trial locations each year. Trialing across many environments increases the ability to predict how individual corn hybrids should be spaced and managed.

The free, easily accessible Seeding Rate Selector allows farmers to enter several variables, including hybrid, input costs and yield goal, to determine the optimal seeding rate per acre. Insights from the tool enable farmers to enhance return on investment potential by identifying opportunities where yields might be negatively impacted by over- or underseeding.

"Farmers shouldn't have to guess at what their seeding rate should be," said Battles. "All fields and hybrids are different, and a generic seeding rate recommendation in a seed guide isn't sufficient. The Seeding Rate Selector takes this into consideration, providing farmers with specific rate prescriptions so that they can have the best experience with our products in relation to their local conditions."

Golden Harvest Seed Advisors can help fine-tune seeding rate estimates even further and build planter seeding rate scripts within the E-Luminate digital agronomy platform. To learn more about the Golden Harvest corn Seeding Rate Selector and develop a customized prescription seeding rate, visit