SIOUX FALLS, S.D.  — Raven Industries, Inc. (the Company; NASDAQ:RAVN), a leader in autonomous agriculture technology, announced today the purchase of a second OMNiPOWER platform by Haggerty AgRobotics. Raven’s driverless ag and precision technology deliver impactful solutions for local and enterprise farms as the agriculture industry’s labor shortages continue to grow.

“Labor shortage concerns within our local growers have really elevated the need for more automation and robotics on the farm,” said Chuck Baresich, President of Haggerty AgRobotics.

Haggerty Creek Ltd., an establised company delivering grain and crop input needs for growers in Ontario, Canada, has been collaborating with Raven to solve industry challenges for over a decade. In 2020, Haggerty Creek Ltd. purchased its first OMNiPOWER and in 2021 purchased OMNiDRIVE to help farmers with operational challenges they face. The growing demand for driverless ag technology as an impactful solution for labor shortages pushed Baresich to launch Haggerty AgRobotics, a service focused entirely on autonomy, robotics and technology automation at the farm level.

The second OMNiPOWER platform will allow Haggerty AgRobotics to lead the industry as one of the first customers to implement a real-world fleet of autonomous machines. Baresich will now manage a fleet of OMNi platforms with machine- to-machine connectivity through the Viper 4+ field computer. The integration of Raven’s advanced precision farming technology within the OMNiPOWER platform allows for a seamless user experience and real-time shared coverage visibility.

“As one of the first customers of this technology, we are very excited to bring Raven driverless ag solutions to the market in a big way,” said Baresich. “The recent updates and advancements to Raven’s technology are impressive and we have experienced incredible performance in our 2021 spring program. We purchased our second OMNiPOWER platform to continue to be on the leading edge of commercializing autonomous machines as an organized fleet.”

“Raven has made significant investments in our OMNi suite of driverless ag solutions,” said Ben Voss, Raven Applied Technology Director of Sales for North America and Australia. “It is exciting to see a progressive, ag-tech focused operation like Haggerty AgRobotics partner with us to showcase autonomy and precision applications in the agriculture market. OMNiPOWER and OMNiDRIVE position both of us as autonomy pioneers in the global agriculture industry.”

Raven unveiled their OMNi brand of autonomous solutions less than a month ago and is actively fulfilling orders for both OMNiPOWER and OMNiDRIVE units worldwide. OMNiPOWER is a self-propelled power platform that easily interchanges farm implements like a sprayer or spreader. This autonomous platform empowers ag professionals to perform multiple farm tasks simultaneously without a driver. Raven’s Path to Autonomy begins with precision farming products that reduce driver fatigue and graduates up to full driverless ag technology automation.

By investing in driverless ag technology, Raven continues to design solutions that reduce operating costs, decrease inputs, and improve yields for ag professionals around the world. 

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