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“This system is so intricate and when a plant senses some sort of feeding, it doesn’t automatically induce its own defenses. It recruits an army of microbes within the soil because the plants can’t do it on their own…And not only is herbivory important for maintaining beneficial predator populations, but also for general plant health. It’s not a bad thing to have a low amount of herbivory happening in the fields…” – Mike Bredeson

Mike Bredeson is a research scientist with the Ecdysis Foundation, where he studies the interdependence of plants and insects alongside innovative farmers who are seeking to create healthy soils while growing resilient and profitable crops.

In this episode of the Strip-Till Farmer podcast series, we caught up with Mike to talk about some Ecdysis research on insecticidal seed treatments and what becomes of them after planting.

He’ll share some of his findings about how neonicotinoids are metabolized as well as background info on the Ecdysis Foundation and how they’re working with farmers to develop strong ecological systems that will stand the test of time.









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