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There are any number of reasons a farmer might adopt strip-till as a management practice — from reducing soil disturbance to targeting nutrient management to improving soil health.

Independent crop consultant Dorian Gatchell of Minnesota Agricultural Services says these motives all have a common purpose: to improve plant health and therefore boost yields.

For this episode of the Strip-Till Farmer podcast, we chat with Dorian about why he says it’s important to try to think like a plant and how that simple change in mindset can help farmers make wise management decisions on their operations.

Simply put, he says, unless decisions are made based on how they benefit the crop rather than how they benefit the operator, there’s a good chance they aren’t agronomically sound.

Join us as Dorian discusses why he prefers coulters to knives when doing spring strip-till, the correlation between the plant and the environment in determining yields, why he’s excited about DNA soil testing and more.








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