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Farming organically may or may not be any more difficult than conventional farming, but it does benefit from taking a very holistic, systems-based approach to crop rotations and weed management.

For Wolcott, Indiana, grower Jason Federer, the more complicated rotation he follows and lack of synthetic chemicals is worth the trade-off as he attempt to find what he calls a more responsible way of raising grain.

For this episode of the Strip-Till Farmer podcast, we chat with Jason, whose transition to 100% organic production on his 4,000-acre operation is nearly complete.

Utilizing a diverse rotation that includes approximately 10 crops each year as well as cover crops, Jason is also implementing a modified strip-till system that involves planting corn between strips of alfalfa. Join us to learn how he makes this system work, why he’s planting more and more sunflowers, why he says planting thick stands of cereal rye may be unnecessary and more. 








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