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Weed control is a major focus and expense on many farms, and unfortunately the prevailing methods of managing weeds — namely herbicides and tillage — have significant downsides, including soil degradation, increased weed seed germination and increasing herbicide resistance.

Roller-crimping, mowing and flame-weeding are some other options, but are not widely used yet. So it’s no wonder that weed control remains central to R&D initiatives in agriculture

For this Strip-Till Farmer podcast, we caught up with Paul Mikesell, founder and CEO of Carbon Robotics, a new company that is tackling weed control with a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and lasers. This past year, in 2021, the company released its first production units of a machine called the LaserWeeder, which has the potential to eliminate the need for herbicides or tillage for weed control.

Join in to hear about how the LaserWeeder can distinguish between crops and weeds, how it effectively kills weeds without chemicals, why grasses are more challenging to eliminate than broadleaf weeds, when the technology might be rolled out to row crop farmers and more.








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