Surefire Ag Systems has announced a new product line for limited release in 2022, with full release scheduled in 2023, according to a press release.

The system – called Sentinel Row Control – is intended to allow planters to administer different amounts of fertilizer to different rows, and builds on past technology that allows farmers to monitor the amount of fertilizer in each row. Monitoring has been available from the company since 2016.

The product is the latest evolution for the company’s monitoring and control systems, said Sentinel Products Manager Matt Micek.

“The Sentinel product line has continued to evolve over time, starting with Row Monitoring by itself, then expanding into Rate Control, and now into full individual Row Control,” he said. “It gives us lots of options to help a producer decide how sophisticated and precise they want their system to be.”

The new system employs a flow meter module with flow meters. The meters connect via hose to a row control valve mounted near the row unit. From the flow control valve, another tube connects the flow control valve to the placement device. The flow control valve varies the rate of applicant and acts as a shutoff valve for section control.

The change moves limit for sprayed applications from the plumbing of the row unit to the pumping capacity, according to Micek.

The technology is intended to optimize yields, reduce rates and save money by reducing the over application of agricultural products.

Growers can expect higher prices for the product line, but it may solve some common dilemmas for farmers, Micek said.

“Like any premium solution, the price point is higher, but the savings in terms of time, headache, and product utilization make Sentinel Row Control a profitable solution for precision fertilizer application,” he said.

Surefire Ag Systems is based in Atwood, Kansas, and is nearing 15 years in operation.

More information about the product line and about Surefire is available on the company’s website, or via the company’s social media accounts.

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