A crop fertilizer company has won an environmental award, according to a press release.

Winter Garden, Fla., -based Anuvia Plant Nutrients joins dozens of other businesses in receiving the 2021 Sustainability Environmental Achievement & Leadership (SEAL) Awards.

Other honorees in the agriculture field include food processors Fresh Del Monte and Smithfield and greenhouse agriculture firm Gotham Greens. A New Zealand-based sustainable winery also received the award.

The business awards also include more high-profile brands like Disneyland Resorts and PepsiCo Beverages North America.

Anuvia recycles organic matter like food and manure into fertilizer. This replaces fertilizer that might otherwise be manufactured via emissions-heavy processes. The company estimates that each 1 million acres that uses Anuvia instead of conventional fertilizer eliminates the equivalent of 30,000 cars’ worth of emissions.

 The company also won a Next Big Thing in Tech award from Fast Company magazine in November.

The SEAL Awards honor environmental journalists and businesses that adapt sustainable practices or offer sustainable products. The business awards are divided up into the SEAL Environmental Initiative Award, the SEAL Sustainable Innovation Awards, the SEAL Sustainable Product Award, and the SEAL Sustainable Service Award.

Anuvia received their award in the environmental initiative category.