The ZML 2200 and 2250 HD Cart from Zimmerman Mfg. were designed to offer the producer a pull-type machine and the option for fertilizer application as well. The Cart is designed to carry a ZML Contour King 3-point bar under it, offering flexibility to change the size of the bar without having to purchase a new system. Bars can be 8, 12 or 16-row. The 16-row bar has a double-fold option for custom operators, so it can run as a 12 or 16-row machine and keeps the transport height to a minimum.

The heavy-duty frame allows for more options and fewer weight restrictions. The tank mounted behind the Cart allows the operator to view the units, eliminating the need for camera systems. The bar is raised and lowered with a cylinder system that resembles a 3-point system, allowing for the versatility of the 3-point bar under it. Only the bar is raised and lowered, reducing the weight being lifted. The stationary framing for the tank accommodates tank capacities up to 20 tons, without being restricted by lifting capacities. A hitch in the back makes pulling an anhydrous ammonia tank an option as well.

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