The 7-part 2022 Strip-Till Farmer Strip-Till Innovator video series, brought to you by Montag Mfg., highlights winner Brian Ryberg.


The Strip-Till Farmer Strip-Till Innovator video series is brought to you by Montag Mfg.

Montag products have proven results with patented precision metering application for significant savings of nutrients and cover crop seed, and for achieving best conservation practices. 

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Read the story of Brian Ryberg, who farms about an hour and half west of Minneapolis in Buffalo Lake, Minn., was the first farmer to strip-till sugar beets in Minnesota, the nation’s largest sugar beet producer. His award-winning strip-till, cover crop and soil health practices — in addition to his commitment to educating other farmers about strip-till — make Ryberg a deserving winner of the 2022 Strip-Till Innovator Award.

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How Strip-Till Benefits 2022 Strip-Till Innovator Brian Ryberg’s Operation

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Minnesota’s 1st Sugar Beet Strip-Tiller Talks Success Strategies

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Using Cover Crops in a Strip-Till System

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How to Manage Residue in a Strip-Till System

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Tour of Brian Ryberg’s ETS SoilWarrior, Sugar Beet Harvester & Deere Planter

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How to Try & Succeed with Strip-Till

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Meet 2022 Strip-Till Innovator Brian Ryberg

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