Crystal Green® granular phosphate fertilizers are the first high-efficiency phosphate fertilizers to release nutrients in response to crop demand. Crystal Green fertilizers (5-28-0 with 10% Mg) are proven to maximize yield, enhance soil health and significantly reduce phosphate tie-up, runoff and leaching, thereby improving crop potential while protecting local waterways. During this session, learn more about the importance of phosphorus in the soil profile and how Crystal Green provides these critical nutrients differently for improved results.

  • Did you know over 80% of applied phosphate fertilizer is lost due to P-fixation, runoff or leaching? With Crystal Green, phosphate avoids these common challenges to be 100% available to crops throughout the growing season.
  • Crystal Green only releases nutrients due to crop demand. As roots exude organic acids, Crystal Green granules solubilize and provide critical nutrients to developing crops.
  • Crystal Green is most efficient when applied near the root zone. This makes it the perfect phosphate fertilizer choice for strip-till farmers.
  • Crystal Green successfully performs in a variety of soil types and pH levels and is seed-safe due to low salt index.

About the Speaker

Galen Mooso

Dr. Galen Mooso, PhD, CPAg, CCA