Strip-Till Farmer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at the grower's world from the lofty digital realm. Here is our favorite content from the past week from across the web:

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CEAT Specialty Tires offers a full line of radial and bias farm tires. The company is committed to providing the latest Ag tire technologies, including VF/IF tires, to farms of all sizes.

Strip-Tilling Ahead of Snow in the Final Week of November

Nearly 3,000 views and counting for this entertaining video from Salisbury Farms. The jovial Jay Salisbury takes us along for the ride as he tries to beat an incoming snowfall event with his Orthman 1tRIPr and John Deere AutoTrac. “The ground is definitely getting hard and might shut me down,” he says.

New Zealand Family Switches to Strip-Till After 40 Years of Conventional Tillage

Tim Fookes and his son, Simon, started strip-tilling in New Zealand 4 years ago. This feature article covers the nuts and bolts of their operation and examines what it takes to go all in on strip-till. “We had become concerned about soil erosion and run-off, so we are pleased to report that we have none of either and from a financial standpoint, we have seen no reduction in yields,” Tim Fookes says.

Tim Fookes says the change to strip till cultivation and establishment of their maize crops has led to benefits around time, fuel saving, soil erosion, ground stability, increased fertility and soil moisture retention.

In the Cab with Alabama Corn Record Holder, Strip-Tiller Chad Henderson

Chad Henderson talks about his strip-till program and rig in this video from XtremeAg. Henderson farms over 8,000 acres in Alabama, where he broke the state corn record with a yield of 355 bushels per acre.

Showcasing the New Unverferth Raptor Strip-Till Rig

New equipment alert! Prairie State sales pro Matt Aeschleman shows off the new Unverferth Raptor 2030DT Strip-Till Toolbar, focusing on the toolbar, row units and fertilizer applications.

Using Highboy to Interseed Covers at R5 Results in Better Growth

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln hosted a field day to spotlight a research project testing the effectiveness of interseeding cover crops into corn at R5 using a highboy. The university tested the setup with a straight cereal rye and a three-way mix of cereal rye, rapeseed and turnips. “We know it’s better to establish at R5 than during or after harvest. We get better growth and better biomass in the spring, at least here in eastern Nebraska,” Katja Koehler-Cole tells Market Journal in this video.

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More from this series

Best of the Web This Week is brought to you by CEAT Specialty Tires.

More from this series

CEAT Specialty Tires offers a full line of radial and bias farm tires. The company is committed to providing the latest Ag tire technologies, including VF/IF tires, to farms of all sizes.