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On this edition of the Strip-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Sound Agriculture, Kuhn Krause marketing director Curt Davis examines the evolution of the strip-till equipment market and why the conservation practice is becoming an increasingly popular option for farmers.

 "With strip till, you're not painting with a broad brush anymore," Davis says. "Strip-till allows you to manage every acre of the farm for maximum efficiency and productivity. A lot of farmers are driven to strip-till because it allows them to place nutrients exactly where the crop needs them. 

It's a good conservation practice too because you're only tilling 30% of the entire field. Nutrient placement is the most important aspect, but compaction management is also key — getting air into the soil profile around the root system is just as important as water." 

 A momentous 4-month stretch in the strip-till equipment market continued with the recently announced technology partnership between Case IH and AGuru Machinery, as covered extensively on Other big moves in 2023 include the launch of John Deere’s new strip-till units and Unverferth’s acquisition of Orthman. Yetter and Fast Ag Solutions are also launching a new strip-till bar this summer.

 Curt Davis breaks down the significance of the latest developments, explains why more manufacturing companies are investing in strip-till and why the practice appears to be mainstream bound.


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