In this episode of Conservation Ag Update, we explore how no-tillers are holding up in abnormally dry conditions throughout most of the U.S. Independent agronomist Jim Stute checks in from southeastern Wisconsin, and no-tiller Ryan Gibbs reports from eastern Iowa, where both areas have received minimal rainfall since April.

In the Cover Crop Connection segment, assistant editor Mackane Vogel shows how cover crops, if not managed properly, could affect soil moisture and take a toll on cash crops. Penn State Extension weed specialist John Wallace offers advice on how to manager cover crops in dry conditions.

Also in the episode, strip-till expert Tony Vyn reacts to the 2023 Strip-Till Benchmark Study results for the first time. Northwest Ohio, no-tiller and strip-tiller, Jeff Duling makes creative choices with his equipment, and a brewery in Iowa serves beer, brewed with corn from the late Dave Brandt’s farm.

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