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Strip-Till Lessons Learned at the PTI Farm. In this deep-dive session from the National Strip-Tillage Conference, PTI Farm Manager Jason Webster shares the PTI farm’s 2022 plot results and explains how you can personally apply what his agronomic team has learned from 400-plus acres of research trials.

Are Cover Crops Right for Your Strip-Till Operation? learn more about Justin Krell’s strip-till and cover crop journey in this Strip-Till Farmer webinar replay, co-hosted by Environmental Tillage Systems VP Brent Brueland and ForGround by Bayer sustainable systems agronomist Tyler Williams.

2023 Strip-Till Innovator Video Series. An inside look at Ryan and Melissa Shaw’s strip-till operation in the 7-part Strip-Till Innovator video series. The Shaws detail the ups and downs of their transition to strip-till, keys to success, ETS SoilWarrior setup and showcase their homemade interseeder.

Is Strip-Till Still the Near-Ideal Tillage System? Watch a 1-on-1 conversation with Strip-Till Hall of Famer Tony Vyn following his presentation at the 2023 National Strip-Tillage Conference. Vyn makes the case for strip-till as a near-ideal tillage system and explains what needs to happen to make it a more widely adopted practice in the U.S. and beyond.

Dig Into the Data. In this video from the National Strip-Tillage Conference, Marion Calmer shows the results from his inch-by-inch soil samples and how moldboard plowing changed the distribution of nutrients.

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